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Providing nationwide service to Pharmacies, Hospitals, Clinics and other health organizations.

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A reverse distributor - ensuring the safe, secure, and environmentally sound destruction of pharmaceutical and other over the counter products.

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Did you know that you need to keep proper controlled substance destruction records for two years?

Did you know that you need to have a witness anytime you remove or destroy controlled
substances in your clinic?

Did you know that you cannot mix controlled substances with your biohazard waste?

Do you know if your state prohibits the disposal of pharmaceuticals or over-the-counter
waste products down the sink or into trash receptacles?

Quality of service

Our online order entry has a comprehensive database of medications to make data entry quicker, easier and more accurate. We will walk you through your first order if needed. We can provide compliance training over the phone or video conference. Our goal is to try and make the process as efficient and easy as possible so you can get back to what matters most for you – your customers.

Full compliance

PSI is a Reverse Distributor that follows the rules and regulations to protect our clients. We provide clients with documentation that meets the regulatory requirements for state and federal agencies. Upon request, we can assist customers with Policies and Procedures for control substance ordering, use, storage and disposition to meet those state and federal regulations.

Clients we serve

Our Services

Our program allows simple, online generation of the proper paperwork to return unwanted pharmaceuticals and over the counter products. The client can check status of their orders, review history and re-print their orders with our online system. Once the order has been destroyed, a Certificate of Destruction is issued to meet state and federal regulations.







Green Returns

Proper disposal of pharmaceutical and over-the-counter medications is moving into the spotlight as more and more Americans are taking the responsibility to “Go Green”. A recent government study discovered that nearly 80% of our metropolitan waterways are polluted with various pharmaceutical medications. As a result, there is a push by state regulators to develop new rules and regulations on the proper disposal of pharmaceutical medications. Pharmaceuticals are  the quality of life for both people and pets. The use and impact on our environment will continue to grow. Now is the time to make a change.


Do the right thing—"Go Green".

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